We study how marine organisms evolve adaptations to their environments, and how these adaptations may lead to diversification and new species.  Our diverse projects combine a variety of approaches with the common aim of determining the genetic basis of interesting physiological and life history traits in marine systems.  

Please look around to read more about our research projects, and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions!

Latest News

April 2020​ 

Two new papers published!

Allie mined 72 crustacean genomes and transcriptomes to test for evolutionary loss of the HIF-alpha gene

Dan found life history and gene expression plasticity associated with changes in daylight period in intertidal copepods.

Check Publications page for PDFs. 

June 2019​ 

New paper published!

Allie's discovery that T. californicus lacks a major transcription factor was published in PNAS. The research was also highlighted by OSU News.

May 2019​ 

Kamron is awarded a NSF GRF!

Kamron was awarded a competitive Graduate Research Fellowship from NSF, which will provide three years of support. Congratulations, Kamron!

April 2019​ 

New paper published!

Undergrad Kris Bauer co-authored a study of the genetic mating system of a brooding sea star from the Oregon intertidal.

April 2019​ 

Andrea is awarded a Fulbright Fellowship!

Andrea was awarded a prestigious Fulbright award, which will take her to Ovidius University in Romania to teach English to local communities. Congratulations, Andrea!

February 2019​ 

New paper published!

A collaborative work with the Mueller Lab (CSU San Marcos) showing geographic variation in metabolic compensation was recently published in Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology.

November 2018​ 

Copepod microRNA paper accepted!

Allie's work showing divergence in mRNA and microRNA between copepod populations is accepted for publication in Molecular Ecology.

September 2018​ 

Welcoming new LSAMP students!

The Barreto Lab participated in this year's Bridge Program coordinated by LSAMP. We provided hands-on lab experience to 60 incoming and transfer students from underrepresented backgrounds. Thanks to Kameron Kadooka (LSAMP Coordinator) for inviting us!

September 2018​ 

Welcome Kamron!

New PhD student Kamron Kayhani joins the lab.

June 2018​ 

Copepod genome paper is published

In collaboration with the Burton, Willett, and Edmands Labs, our paper describing a high-quality draft assembly of the Tigriopus californicus genome was published in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution, with an accompanying News & Views article. Please check out our Publications page.

May 2018​ 

Allie is award an NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship!

Postdoc Allie Graham was awarded a highly competitive fellowship from the National Science Foundation to study the gene networks associated with hypoxia response in copepods, and to engage students from underrepresented backgrounds in many aspects of basic research.

Congratulations, Allie!


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