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We study how marine organisms evolve adaptations to their environments, and how these adaptations may lead to diversification and new species.  Our diverse projects combine a variety of approaches with the common aim of determining the genetic basis of interesting physiological and life history traits in marine systems.  

Please look around to read more about our research projects, and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions!

Latest News

October 2023​ 

New lab member!

Natalia Jacquez, a first-year Environmental Science major, joined the team!


December 2023​ 

New paper!

Work by PhD candidate Kamron Kayhani was published in the Journal of Experimental Biology.

September 2023​ 

New paper!

Work by past M.S. student Emily Boring was published in Marine Biology.

June 2023​ 

New paper!

Postdoc Kevin Olsen (shared between OSU and SIO) found genomic regions strongly associated with male sterility in hybrid copepods. Very cool! Now in Genome Biology and Evolution.

January 2023​ 

New paper!

Our continued work exploring the loss of key hypoxia response genes has been published in the journal Genome Biology and Evolution. In this study, we examined the phylum Cnidaria.

December 2022​ 

Dr. Dan!

New PhD Dan Schneck successfully defended his dissertation work on evolution and regulation of copepod circadian gene networks! Dan is starting a permanent teaching position at the Spokane Community College. Make us proud, Dan!

August 2022​ 

New lab member!

Dr. Matt Powers joins the lab as a Postdoctoral Scholar!

July 2022​ 

Undergrads win awards!

Jasmine Weaver and Spencer Loring each received the competitive SURE Science grant from the College of Science. These awards will support them to perform independent projects in our lab over the Summer. Congratulations, Spencer and Jasmine!


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