Lab Members


Felipe S. Barreto (Principal Investigator)

Assistant Professor


I am broadly interested in evolutionary genetics of natural populations, with specific research topics including the genetics of hybrid incompatibilities, speciation, and physiological adaptations, as well as the evolution of mating systems and sexual selection. 

Contact: felipe.barreto[at]

Allie M. Graham 

NSF Postdoctoral Fellow


I received my PhD in the 2017 from the University of Miami in the McCracken lab studying the genomic underpinnings of high-altitude adaptation in Andean duck species. While a postdoc in the lab, I hope to contribute my expertise, as well as expand my horizons on functional genomics/evolution. My general interest lies in questions related to the genomic consequences of adaptations to "extreme" environmental cues​, and the roles of regulatory elements in facilitating population divergence and speciation. Thus, using the Tigriopus system, my projects will involve assaying the role of microRNAs in the transcriptional response to stress, probing the molecular avenues for hypoxia adaptation, and looking at mito-nuclear incompatibilities​ in the context of oxygen stress.

Kin-Lan Han

Postdoctoral Researcher


I am interested in how environmental variation affects genetic structure/gene flow and local adaptation.

Daniel Schneck

PhD student

I am interested in the effect of day length on evolution of life histories in natural populations from different latitudes.

Andrea Burton

PhD candidate

I am interested in studying the adaptive potential of local marine invertebrates to environmental stresses such as ocean acidification and elevated temperatures. 

Kamron Kayhani

PhD student, NSF Graduate Research Fellow

I am interested in investigating the potential of organisms to adapt to the changing global climate, as well as the genetic components that underlie an organism's ecology.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Beth Davis (Biology major)

Kris Bauer

(Zoology major)

Tara Wirsching

(OSU STEM Leaders intern)

Lisa Roerk

(Biology Major)

Nikki Baker

(Biology major)

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