Lab Members


Felipe S. Barreto (Principal Investigator)

Associate Professor


I am broadly interested in evolutionary genetics of natural populations, with specific research topics including the genetics of hybrid incompatibilities, speciation, and physiological adaptations, as well as the evolution of mating systems and sexual selection. 

Contact: felipe.barreto[at]

Daniel Schneck

PhD candidate

I am interested in the effect of day length on evolution of life histories in natural populations from different latitudes.


Andrea Burton

PhD candidate

I am interested in studying the adaptive potential of local marine invertebrates to environmental stresses such as ocean acidification and elevated temperatures. 


Kamron Kayhani

PhD student, NSF Graduate Research Fellow

I am interested in investigating the potential of organisms to adapt to the changing global climate, as well as the genetic components that underlie an organism's ecology.


Kristofer Bauer

PhD student, NSF Graduate Research Fellow

I am interested in studying patterns of phenotypic and genetic change in populations of marine organisms in response to environmental stressors driven by climate change, specifically ocean deoxygenation and hypoxia. Furthermore, I'm also keen to investigate how the impacts of climate change in marine systems can be mitigated by legislature at coastal county and state levels.


Marine Andriot

PhD student


I am interested in marine evolutionary genetics with a focus on how abiotic stressors affect natural marine populations at the genetic level over time.     

Undergraduate Research Assistants


Austin Vick

Jasmine Weaver

Barreto Lab alumni

Undergraduates (years in lab)

- Tara Wirsching (2018-2021, currently M.S. student at     Western Washington University)

- John Barnes (2020-2021, SURE Science intern)

- Megan Criss (2019-2020)

Nikki Baker (2018-2019)

- Lisa Roerk (2018-2019)

- Charlotte Gruninger (2018-2019)

- Beth Davis (2017-2019, currently PhD student at Un.     of Maine)

- Nicholas Saenz (2018)

- Bryce Bothwell (2017)

- Alison Vasa (2017)

- Kristofer Bauer (2016-2017, SURE Science intern)

- Camille Eckel (2016)

- Alan Pacheco (2016, SURE Science intern)

Graduate students (degree, year)

- Emily Boring (M.S., 2020)

Postdocs (years, current position)

- Kin-Lan Han (2017-2019, researcher U. Washington)

- Allie Graham (2017-2020, postdoc U. Utah) [webpage]