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For Prospective Graduate Students:

If you are certain you want to pursue a graduate degree in evolutionary biology, and your research interests align well with our team's, feel free to send Dr. Barreto an informal email with the following information:

- a description of your past/current academic and research experience.

- your reason for pursuing a graduate degree, and your long-term career goals.

- your general research interests and potential projects in our lab.

- your CV or résumé. 

➡  Applications to the graduate program in the Department of Integrative Biology are due December 15th.


Please review application information and instructions here: IB Future Graduate Students.  In addition, check out instructions from the Graduate School.


Our department provides excellent support for graduate students in the form of Teaching or Research Assistantships.  However, we strongly encourage potential students to seek internal (OSU Graduate School) or external fellowships (National Science FoundationEPA), as these will enable students to increase their research productivity and independence. 

For Prospective Postdocs:

As of August 1, 2021, we are searching for a postdoctoral scholar to join our team! This positions is funded by an NSF grant, allowing the postdoc to help lead projects in T. californicus physiological adaptation. An official position and application description will be posted in evoldir ( very soon.

In addition, we are always open to helping potential postdocs develop and apply for fellowships that would fund their position in our lab.

Please contact Dr. Barreto anytime for discussing such opportunities.

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